Chop chop

May 3, 2010Yard

A few months ago we decided some trees around the house had to go. Since our yard is a mini forrest it doesn’t look like we did anything even though we cut down 11 trees. Here are a few before pics showing how many trees we had to deal with. These 3 trees were so … Read More

The den: Carpet removal

April 17, 2010Den, Floors, Renovation

Ever since we moved in, the downstairs of our house has always felt damp and smelled a little funny. Also, the previous owners had dogs so the carpet was kinda gross. We were waiting to remove the carpet until we could afford some hardwood floors but we were tired of the smell. So up came … Read More

Kitchen refresh part 3 : The exciting part

March 13, 2010Uncategorized

The last major hurdle of our kitchen refresh was to install a new gas range. The current electric range worked horribly and we did not feel it was worth fixing. One would think replacing the range would be easy, but not when the old range is 27 inches wide and the new one is 30 … Read More


March 13, 2010Uncategorized

For a while now, I have been looking for some proper chairs for the dining table. Today we got lucky at Kudzu Antiques and picked up some great fiberglass shell chairs. They are not Herman Miller chairs, but they are very nice vintage knock offs by a company called Domore. Oh, and the best part was that … Read More

I WON!!!

March 8, 2010Uncategorized

The Atomic Indy/Rejuvenation MCM Contest I think this is the first time I have ever won something! I can’t wait to post about what I won. Happy Monday!

Almost done!

March 8, 2010Kitchen, Renovation

We spent all weekend cutting up cabinets and test fitting a new range. Sadly we did not finish but, we are so close. However, the sight of this did make me happy. I think the range was on the curb for maybe 2 hours before someone took it. I hope they have fun fixing that … Read More

Kitchen refresh part 2

February 26, 2010Kitchen, Renovation

So after aligning all the doors and putting the drawer fronts on we had to find some hardware that we liked. We really wanted the boomerang drawer pulls from Rejuvenation but they were back ordered. We actually waited a month or so to see if more would come in but that didn’t happen. So we … Read More


February 12, 2010Exterior, Northcrest, Yard

This is nothing like the rest of the East Coast but it’s Atlanta and it rarely snows here. Enjoy our first winter in Northcrest. Our neighbors house looked really good. Our mini snowmen are here to welcome you into our house.

Kitchen refresh part 1

February 1, 2010Kitchen

So even before we purchased the house we knew the kitchen would have to change. I know some people would call this blasphemy since it was the original kitchen. Oh well! It was time for a change! The first day I was in the house I took the cabinet doors off. So our kitchen looked … Read More

Busy busy

December 5, 2009Uncategorized

Sorry we have not posted much lately but life has been a bit busy and… we GOT MARRIED!