Suggestions needed

January 3, 2012Decor

For Christmas Susan’s Aunt Sue gave us this awesome Satellite Bowl sold by MoMA. We immediately placed it on our dinning table and stuck some leftover Christmas ornaments in it. It looked great for the holidays but we are at a loss for what to put in it now. Do any of our readers have any fun … Read More

Modern on the cheap

December 30, 2011Decor

We have seen this done on a few other sites so we figured we would try it out ourselves. First take the interesting owl statue you got for free but is a little too 70’s looking. Clean the surface well to get rid of all the dust and oils from hands touching it. I used … Read More

Chop chop round 2

December 24, 2011Yard

Ever since we had the goats out we have been slowly removing the rest of the little junk from our backyard. We decided it was time to bring in some people to take care of the big stuff that we couldn’t do. We went with Limb-it-Less Tree Removal which is the same company we used before. Initially, we … Read More

How I made those eyes

November 1, 2011Exterior, Holiday

Someone requested a tutorial for the spooky house eyes. It’s a pretty simple process. 1) Go to an office supply store, like Staples or Office Depot, and buy several packs of black poster board. The bigger the sheets the better. 2) Place enough pieces together to fill the window and tape them together. Some trimming … Read More

The most adorable way to clear a yard

September 11, 2011Animals, Yard

We had a VERY exciting week over here!  Since we bought the house our backyard has been a jungle. We don’t have any official “before” shots but if you look in the background of these pictures you will get the idea. Now, take what you just saw and multiply it by 20 or maybe 200. … Read More

Coming soon

August 18, 2011Uncategorized

Two big things are about to happen at the O’Cropolis. The first one is a new roof. This is not something we had planned on but it needs to be done. It will be exciting to get rid of the tar and gravel and put down some modified bitumen. I’m tired of moss growing in … Read More

Hole in the wall

June 24, 2011Exterior, Living Room, Renovation

A while back when we were re-doing the door we removed an old window unitfrom the side of the house. This project was completed a couple of months ago so I apologize for the tardiness. The first thing we had to fix after taking out the A/C were the two studs that had been cut out … Read More

We didn’t forget the blog

June 18, 2011Decor

Hello readers! Eric and I would like to apologize for being such terrible bloggers. We have no good excuse and can only give you the truth: We are lazy. Not with the house, there are a lot of new things going on there. And not even with taking pictures, there are tons on the camera. … Read More