The roof

November 5, 2012Exterior, Renovation

I know this isn’t a new project since it was done a year ago, but I figured we should cover it here anyway because it was such a big project. Our roof project started out with us looking to repair a leak over our front door. However, once we talked to enough people we realized … Read More

It’s not a moped

May 27, 2012Uncategorized

Not much has been going on with the house lately. We decided to take a little break from all the constant work and relax a little. That meant I had time to pull out the Vespa and start riding it again. It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve had it out and now I feel … Read More

Well that’s new

May 16, 2012Exterior

Nothing new and exciting has been going on inside the house lately, but things outside have gotten pretty interesting. Over the past few months the sewer lines behind the houses on our street have been replaced. Luckily for us the line didn’t go through our backyard, so nothing had to be done back there. However, … Read More

The Pantry!

May 6, 2012Kitchen, Renovation

The pantry has been finished for a bit and it turned out really great! I think this is one of the best projects we have done so far. I wanted to wait to take pictures until we were finished painting the kitchen so you could get the full effect. The painting would normally go faster … Read More

Color options

February 26, 2012Suggestions

The trim has been put on and everything is sanded and ready to go. However, I still can’t decide what color to paint/stain the pantry. Here are some painting options we are thinking about. Which one do you like?  Please keep in mind that the walls will be white, the kitchen cabinets are a minty pistachio color … Read More

Susan’s gift is ALMOST done

February 20, 2012Kitchen, Renovation

Back before Christmas I had posted about a gift for Susan. Well we are still working on it, but it is almost done. We’ve been building a pantry under the planter. Here is a before shot of the wall. Once the drywall was removed we had a little bit of wiring to deal with. We initially thought … Read More

That thing in the basement

January 16, 2012Decor

When we moved into the house there was this giant metal thing in the basement and we had no idea what it was. After a week or so we realized it was a divider that went by the front door. Apparently it was taken out when the floors were redone. For a while now we … Read More

New purchases!

January 15, 2012Decor, Lighting

We got some exciting new things today at Highland Row Antiques! A fun little plant stand for a great price! We don’t have a good outdoor area yet but when we do I will paint it a fun color and move it outdoors. For now I’m thinking it could serve as a sometimes tiny table for … Read More