I’m building a deck: Part 1

May 29, 2019Deck, Exterior, Yard

Up to now, the majority of the posts on here are older projects I’m just now writing about. However, while I’m catching up on the old stuff, I figured I should start posting a new and ongoing project: The deck. A back deck is something we’ve wanted since we first bought the house. Our patio … Read More

Chop chop round 2

December 24, 2011Yard

Ever since we had the goats out we have been slowly removing the rest of the little junk from our backyard. We decided it was time to bring in some people to take care of the big stuff that we couldn’t do. We went with Limb-it-Less Tree Removal which is the same company we used before. Initially, we … Read More

The most adorable way to clear a yard

September 11, 2011Animals, Yard

We had a VERY exciting week over here!  Since we bought the house our backyard has been a jungle. We don’t have any official “before” shots but if you look in the background of these pictures you will get the idea. Now, take what you just saw and multiply it by 20 or maybe 200. … Read More

Chop chop

May 3, 2010Yard

A few months ago we decided some trees around the house had to go. Since our yard is a mini forrest it doesn’t look like we did anything even though we cut down 11 trees. Here are a few before pics showing how many trees we had to deal with. These 3 trees were so … Read More


February 12, 2010Exterior, Northcrest, Yard

This is nothing like the rest of the East Coast but it’s Atlanta and it rarely snows here. Enjoy our first winter in Northcrest. Our neighbors house looked really good. Our mini snowmen are here to welcome you into our house.