Windows round 1.2

March 25, 2013Den, Exterior, Kitchen, Renovation, Uncategorized

There isn’t much to say about the window installation that wasn’t covered in the last post so I will just keep it short and show you some pictures. We are super happy with the outcome and we are looking forward to getting the rest of the windows replaced someday. I really like that screens cover … Read More

It’s not a moped

May 27, 2012Uncategorized

Not much has been going on with the house lately. We decided to take a little break from all the constant work and relax a little. That meant I had time to pull out the Vespa and start riding it again. It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve had it out and now I feel … Read More

Coming soon

August 18, 2011Uncategorized

Two big things are about to happen at the O’Cropolis. The first one is a new roof. This is not something we had planned on but it needs to be done. It will be exciting to get rid of the tar and gravel and put down some modified bitumen. I’m tired of moss growing in … Read More

Our 15 minutes of fame

December 19, 2010Uncategorized

This is old news but a while back we were featured on Retro Renovation. I’m sure some of you found us because of that article but if you have never seen it here is the link. It’s a great little write up on how we got our house and the pink bathroom that came with it. … Read More


May 17, 2010Uncategorized

I am happy to say that almost a year after we moved in I finally got a chance to bring my Vespa over. I am keeping it inside instead of the carport and luckily it doesn’t take up a whole lot of space. This is the first time in the 4 or 5 years of … Read More

Kitchen refresh part 3 : The exciting part

March 13, 2010Uncategorized

The last major hurdle of our kitchen refresh was to install a new gas range. The current electric range worked horribly and we did not feel it was worth fixing. One would think replacing the range would be easy, but not when the old range is 27 inches wide and the new one is 30 … Read More


March 13, 2010Uncategorized

For a while now, I have been looking for some proper chairs for the dining table. Today we got lucky at Kudzu Antiques and picked up some great fiberglass shell chairs. They are not Herman Miller chairs, but they are very nice vintage knock offs by a company called Domore. Oh, and the best part was that … Read More

I WON!!!

March 8, 2010Uncategorized

The Atomic Indy/Rejuvenation MCM Contest I think this is the first time I have ever won something! I can’t wait to post about what I won. Happy Monday!

Busy busy

December 5, 2009Uncategorized

Sorry we have not posted much lately but life has been a bit busy and… we GOT MARRIED!


October 11, 2009Uncategorized

We just had our first garage sale at the house and we did great. Most of what we sold was old junk stuff of my mom’s but we did have some new in the box kitchen items that were wedding gifts to my parents in the early 70’s. We kept a few of the nicer … Read More