Refinishing help

February 10, 2013Furniture, Suggestions

Hey everyone, we could use a little advice here. We have this coffee table that we really love, but the finish on it is pretty bad. Almost anything you set on it leaves a hazy looking mark. The clear coat must not have totally cured because it dents easily with a fingernail, and if you … Read More

Shelving dilema update

January 27, 2013Den, Renovation, Suggestions

We removed the panelling behind the bar today only to reveal little to no space to work with. So much for recessed shelving. Susan isn’t crazy about the wall to wall shelves so we are going to have to rethink this. If you have any suggestions about other shelving options we would love to hear … Read More

Shelving help

January 26, 2013Den, Renovation, Suggestions

One of my projects for the downstairs den is to have some sort of shelving behind to bar. Currently we just have all of our glasses and booze hidden behind the bar which is pretty messy looking and not very practical. We are in the process of taking down the wood panelling so we can … Read More

Color options

February 26, 2012Suggestions

The trim has been put on and everything is sanded and ready to go. However, I still can’t decide what color to paint/stain the pantry. Here are some painting options we are thinking about. Which one do you like?  Please keep in mind that the walls will be white, the kitchen cabinets are a minty pistachio color … Read More