Susan’s gift is ALMOST done

February 20, 2012Kitchen, Renovation

Back before Christmas I had posted about a gift for Susan. Well we are still working on it, but it is almost done. We’ve been building a pantry under the planter. Here is a before shot of the wall. Once the drywall was removed we had a little bit of wiring to deal with. We initially thought … Read More

Hole in the wall

June 24, 2011Exterior, Living Room, Renovation

A while back when we were re-doing the door we removed an old window unitfrom the side of the house. This project was completed a couple of months ago so I apologize for the tardiness. The first thing we had to fix after taking out the A/C were the two studs that had been cut out … Read More

It’s a Crestview!

February 13, 2011Exterior, Living Room, Renovation

We finally had our new double doors installed and they turned out great!!! However, as with any home improvement, we did have some issues along the way. For one thing, the hardwood floor that was installed by the previous owner. The current floor sits higher than it should. The old door was trimmed at the … Read More

Demolition Man

February 6, 2011Exterior, Living Room, Renovation

A couple of posts ago we talked about getting new doors. Well, the doors are sitting in our carport while we wait on the doorlite kit to show up so everything can be installed. Hopefully all of that will happen this week. Since we like to work on a budget around here we decided to … Read More

We need your suggestions! New front doors?

December 19, 2010Exterior, Renovation

So our house is a bit odd when it comes to the front doors. From the outside it looks like we have double doors. However, only one of the doors is functional and the non functioning door on the inside is covered with drywall. On the outside it looks like we double doors and on … Read More


September 3, 2010Floors, Renovation

That last post about us ripping out the rest of the carpet actually happened about 4+ months ago. We were happy to get rid of the nasty carpet but the floors and stairs underneath were not much better and it made the house look kinda crappy when we had guests over. Here is what they … Read More

Carpet removal round 2

July 15, 2010Floors, Renovation

Well, after taking up the carpet downstairs I felt it would be a real pain the in the butt to pull the vacuum out just to vacuum the hall and stairs. Also, once we installed our fancy new lights in the hall we realized how dirty the carpet was. So up it came. I never … Read More

The den: Carpet removal

April 17, 2010Den, Floors, Renovation

Ever since we moved in, the downstairs of our house has always felt damp and smelled a little funny. Also, the previous owners had dogs so the carpet was kinda gross. We were waiting to remove the carpet until we could afford some hardwood floors but we were tired of the smell. So up came … Read More