Windows round 2: The Windows Strike Back

June 19, 2019Exterior, Renovation

When we started the window shopping process we quickly realized they were going to be one of the most, if not the most, expensive house projects. This led us to approach the project in stages in order to avoid financing. The first stage of windows made a big difference so we were anxious to get … Read More

Den renovation: The bar

May 10, 2019Den, Renovation

The “final” stage of our den renovation was the bar. A lot of houses in our neighborhood have unfortunately had their bars removed. I can see the appeal, but the bar is something we really wanted to keep. It’s a unique feature of the house, and it’s just fun to have a wet bar. The … Read More

Den renovation: The floor and paint

April 18, 2019Den, Floors, Renovation

The next stage of our downstairs den renovation was the floor. Like everything else with this project, the floor is not something we planned on at the time. However, once we got the new drywall up that emphasized how terrible the floor looked so it had to be updated. When we originally moved in to … Read More

Den renovation: The walls

April 7, 2019Den, Renovation

Welcome back! I know it’s been forever since we’ve had a new blog post, but sometimes life just gets busy. This should be the beginning of many new blog posts though. We’ve done a lot of work to the house in the past few years, so now back to where we last left you! As … Read More

Windows round 1.2

March 25, 2013Den, Exterior, Kitchen, Renovation, Uncategorized

There isn’t much to say about the window installation that wasn’t covered in the last post so I will just keep it short and show you some pictures. We are super happy with the outcome and we are looking forward to getting the rest of the windows replaced someday. I really like that screens cover … Read More

Windows round 1

February 13, 2013Den, Exterior, Kitchen, Renovation

We have been talking about replacing the inefficient, and less than functional aluminum doors and windows since we bought our house. We loved the look of them, but the windows are pretty much storm windows, and the sliding doors didn’t really slide anymore. Also, you could feel a pretty decent breeze when standing by the … Read More

Shelving dilema update

January 27, 2013Den, Renovation, Suggestions

We removed the panelling behind the bar today only to reveal little to no space to work with. So much for recessed shelving. Susan isn’t crazy about the wall to wall shelves so we are going to have to rethink this. If you have any suggestions about other shelving options we would love to hear … Read More

Shelving help

January 26, 2013Den, Renovation, Suggestions

One of my projects for the downstairs den is to have some sort of shelving behind to bar. Currently we just have all of our glasses and booze hidden behind the bar which is pretty messy looking and not very practical. We are in the process of taking down the wood panelling so we can … Read More

The roof

November 5, 2012Exterior, Renovation

I know this isn’t a new project since it was done a year ago, but I figured we should cover it here anyway because it was such a big project. Our roof project started out with us looking to repair a leak over our front door. However, once we talked to enough people we realized … Read More

The Pantry!

May 6, 2012Kitchen, Renovation

The pantry has been finished for a bit and it turned out really great! I think this is one of the best projects we have done so far. I wanted to wait to take pictures until we were finished painting the kitchen so you could get the full effect. The painting would normally go faster … Read More