How I made those eyes

November 1, 2011Exterior, Holiday

Someone requested a tutorial for the spooky house eyes. It’s a pretty simple process. 1) Go to an office supply store, like Staples or Office Depot, and buy several packs of black poster board. The bigger the sheets the better. 2) Place enough pieces together to fill the window and tape them together. Some trimming … Read More

Thanksgiving ideas

November 24, 2010Decor, Holiday

Thanksgiving is almost upon us! We are not hosting this year but here are some things I might be doing if we were! Oh Martha, you always make my crafty heart go pitter-pat. I love these turkeys! You are never too old for elementary school type crafts. This is like something from the Muppets (and that’s a wonderful … Read More

Halloween at the O’Cropolis

October 31, 2010Animals, Decor, Holiday

Here are just a few pics of what Halloween is like at our house. Sorry for the poor night shots. I really do need to get a better camera one day. Halloween! The day on which we traumatize our pets! -Susan Susan did a great job making this bat lamp thanks to an idea from … Read More

Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2009Decor, Holiday

We are spending our first Halloween in the house giving out candy, something we were never able to do in our apartments. I’m looking forward to seeing how many trick-or-treaters we get! Happy Halloween from Northcrest!