Refinishing help

February 10, 2013Furniture, Suggestions

Hey everyone, we could use a little advice here. We have this coffee table that we really love, but the finish on it is pretty bad. Almost anything you set on it leaves a hazy looking mark. The clear coat must not have totally cured because it dents easily with a fingernail, and if you … Read More

What kind of chair is this?

April 20, 2011Furniture

Does anyone know what kind of patio chair this is? I have seen pics of chairs like it before and have always thought they were great. A local antique store has this one but I would love to have a pair. Should I go back and buy this one? Thanks in advance for the help. … Read More

Jabba the HUTCH!

April 9, 2011Animals, Decor, Furniture

I am excited to announce the arrival of a new piece of furniture! Finally! A hutch! I have been wanting one for a while. All my cute dish-type things have been hidden away in cabinets and drawers. Now they are out for all to see! I’ll do a more in depth rundown of those things … Read More

The den

November 28, 2010Decor, Den, Furniture

The downstairs den is one of the rooms we spend the most time in but sadly it’s one of the only rooms to not be fixed up well. Lately we have been trying to change that. Some new furniture and a little paint has helped a lot.  The biggest and most noticeable new piece is … Read More