The most adorable way to clear a yard

September 11, 2011Animals, Yard

We had a VERY exciting week over here!  Since we bought the house our backyard has been a jungle. We don’t have any official “before” shots but if you look in the background of these pictures you will get the idea. Now, take what you just saw and multiply it by 20 or maybe 200. … Read More

Jabba the HUTCH!

April 9, 2011Animals, Decor, Furniture

I am excited to announce the arrival of a new piece of furniture! Finally! A hutch! I have been wanting one for a while. All my cute dish-type things have been hidden away in cabinets and drawers. Now they are out for all to see! I’ll do a more in depth rundown of those things … Read More


January 22, 2011Animals, Northcrest

As you may recall Atlanta had some crazy weather last week. Since we never see snow we took a lot of pictures! Hayward was not a fan of the snow at first, but that quickly changed. We met up with our neighbors and took our dogs for the best walk ever. We tried to go … Read More

Halloween at the O’Cropolis

October 31, 2010Animals, Decor, Holiday

Here are just a few pics of what Halloween is like at our house. Sorry for the poor night shots. I really do need to get a better camera one day. Halloween! The day on which we traumatize our pets! -Susan Susan did a great job making this bat lamp thanks to an idea from … Read More

No we didn’t leave you

October 23, 2010Animals

We haven’t updated the blog in a while but I promise we have a good reason. A really adorable and good reason! House projects are being completed and blog readers’ opinions are needed but lately all the camera time has been taken up with our new addition; Hayward the Potcake Rescue Puppy! We will return to your … Read More