When we started the window shopping process we quickly realized they were going to be one of the most, if not the most, expensive house projects. This led us to approach the project in stages in order to avoid financing. The first stage of windows made a big difference so we were anxious to get the second stage started.

For the second stage of windows we decided to focus on the living room and the bathrooms. Replacing these would finish off large chunks of the house and leave the bedrooms and office for the final stage. Also, our living room was constantly one of the coldest places in the house during the winter and the windows had a lot to do with that.

Original slider windows.

The first part of this round was deciding on what style of windows to do. All of the windows in the house were sliders, including the front. We wanted to update the appearance of the house as well as the windows, so we looked in to various configurations for the front. The look we ended up going with was two stationary windows in the middle and two casement windows on the outside. This kept the size of the window opening the same, which we liked, but eliminated the horizontal bar in the middle, creating a cleaner look.

Removal was pretty easy since it was just four separate windows.
Once the windows were removed the wooden frame was the next part to go.
The father and his two sons that installed the windows were so nice and did an excellent job.
I will not miss these.
New windows getting ready to go in.
I really wanted to help them lift the windows in to place, but I wasn’t allowed. They did remove one section to make life easier for them though.
The windows had some aluminum strips that tied the windows together and that’s being installed here.
Trim getting ready to be put on.
Finished product with pvc trim that needs to be painted.

We are really happy we went with this look. It not only looks great from the outside, but makes the living room feel so much bigger as well!

The inside trim was eventually painted wall color since all of original wood trim in our house had been painted prior to us.

For the bathrooms, we decided to go with casement windows as well. We looked in to sliders, but the frames are so big these days the glass would have been a lot smaller than what we had before. Also, with one large piece of glass it really opened up the bathroom.

Original bathroom window after it was taken out. You’ll see this window again in another post.

Once again we were really happy with how the windows turned out and their quality. As a reminder we used Andersen E-series windows which use to be called Eagle windows as seen in round one. Now we just needed to save some money to do the final round of windows!

Be seeing you.