Welcome back! I know it’s been forever since we’ve had a new blog post, but sometimes life just gets busy. This should be the beginning of many new blog posts though. We’ve done a lot of work to the house in the past few years, so now back to where we last left you!

As you may remember from our previous post, we had just completed the first round of window installations. Since we are always trying to save a buck, my dad and I told them we would do all of the trim work ourselves. However, before we installed new trim in the den we decided now might be the best time to replace the painted wood paneling with drywall. That decision led to us renovating the entire downstairs den; a project we had not planned on tackling just yet.

Pulling down the wood paneling was super easy and took no time at all. Unsurprisingly, there was no insulation in the walls. This explained why the den was always super cold in the winters. We knew that the new windows and doors could only help so much, so we got to insulating.

The top half of this wall is the middle floor and the bottom half is the crawlspace.
This wall also has a large return vent for the HVAC. The silver ductwork above the vent opening is for the return in the middle level of the house.

Before we put up the insulation though, my dad and I decided to add a few receptacles in the carport. We use the carport as a workshop pretty often and it is always a pain to run extension cords out there. Having exterior receptacles also meant we could finally put up Christmas lights which is something we’ve been wanting to do! My dad also put a switch in the den that controls one of the receptacles. This keeps us from having to go outside on a cold night to unplug the Christmas lights. The hardest part about this was cutting out the brick to make room for the receptacles. The wiring was easy because we just tapped in some interior receptacles on the other side of the wall that was now open.

Once the electrical work was taken care of we put up the insulation. This process was easy and oddly satisfying to me. Usually most of the things we do are cosmetic, but this is actually making the house better than it was before.

You can barely see the switch we added for one of the outside receptacles to the left of the sliding door.

After insulation came the drywall, and boy is drywall a pain in the butt. It’s incredibly messy once you get to the mudding and sanding part. We did our best to block off the stairs and contain the dust, but IT STILL GOT EVERYWHERE.

When we first started this project we did not plan on doing anything to the bar or the wall next to the steps. This was partly due to the fact that we didn’t know how we wanted the bar to look, and replacing the drywall next to the bar would be a pain without actually removing the bar. However, my dad and I like to make our lives harder, and I couldn’t help but feel that last bit of wood panelling next to the stairs would have bugged the crap out of me. So we pulled the panelling down and decided to piece together a bunch of drywall around the bar to cover the wall along the steps.

Once all of the drywall was done we moved on to the next stage we hadn’t planned for: The floor. We’ll save that for next time!

Be seeing you.