One of my projects for the downstairs den is to have some sort of shelving behind to bar. Currently we just have all of our glasses and booze hidden behind the bar which is pretty messy looking and not very practical. We are in the process of taking down the wood panelling so we can insulate and put up drywall down there. I’ll post more about that later. Since we are tearing out the walls I thought it might be a good opportunity to create some kind of built in shelving behind the bar.

Here is an old picture of our bar setup.

At first I was thinking we could make built in shelves that would just go the length of the bar, like this.

Then I thought they would look better if they filled most of the wall.

I was also thinking I could skip the recessed part and build a wall of shelves instead.

We are leaning towards recessed shelves because there is not that much space behind the bar. Also, Susan is not a fan of the wall of shelves for this spot. However, I kind of like walls of shelves so we are undecided.

So, what do you think? Let us know in the comments.


Here is a 4th option we came up with.