I know this isn’t a new project since it was done a year ago, but I figured we should cover it here anyway because it was such a big project.

Our roof project started out with us looking to repair a leak over our front door. However, once we talked to enough people we realized that more work needed to be done. We thought about doing one section of the roof, but realized it would be more cost effective to do the whole roof. This ended up working out well because the roof sprung a leak in our bedroom a few days before the roofers showed up. We also decided to upgrade from the tar and gravel roof to a rolled modified bitumen with 2 inches of ISO board underneath. Our old roof had no insulation at all so we were excited about the ISO board. 

Here you can see the leaky area above our front door. It was looking pretty bad.

The roofing guys were kind enough to deliver the dumpster a week before the job started. So much for parking in the driveway.

One thing we kept hearing about from people who had their roofs redone was that there is a ton of black dust that comes down from between the tongue and groove. We decided to put plastic along the ceilings in every room to catch all the dust. It was a pain putting it up but it saved us from a ton of cleaning in the end.

Here is the ISO board before it was installed. We ordered inch and a half boards but two inch boards were delivered instead. Yay for extra insulation at no charge to us!

New tongue and groove waiting to be installed.

The first thing the guys did was brush off all the loose gravel.

Then they proceeded to peel up all the tar and tar paper so they could get down to the tongue and groove. It was kinda crazy to see how little material there was on top of the roof.

We were super happy to find out that the roof was in great condition underneath and only needed to be repaired by the front door.

I was curious if this would happen and it did. Someone stepped through the rotted part of the roof. Luckily they weren’t hurt but it was pretty funny to see.

Here you can see all the old rotted wood has been removed. Unfortunately part of the beam had to be replaced too. I wasn’t super happy with how they fixed it but some caulking and paint covered it right up.

One of the nice things about replacing this section was that we could redo the wiring for the globe light. Originally the wire was coming out of the side of the house and went to a box that the light was mounted to. This always bugged me so we re-routed the wire so everything was above the wood but bellow the roofing materials. You know, like it’s suppose to be.

Here are the remnants of the original skylight. Yes it was just a piece of plexiglass that was taped/glued to the top of the roof. Fancy stuff.

I enjoyed watching them use the blow torch to roll the roof down, but I couldn’t help but worry they were going to set my house on fire.

As you can see, we went with a white roof to help with our energy bills. Also, it makes the house look cleaner and more modern in my opinion.

Our new skylight.

It is so nice to have a good clean roof for once! Also, we don’t have to worry about having piles of gravel around the perimeter of the house anymore.

As you can see, the plastic did it’s job and kept all of this crap from falling all over the house.

In the end this was a ton of money and a pain to set up, but I am happy we did it. No more leaks and the house looks a ton better.

Be seeing you.