So our house is a bit odd when it comes to the front doors. From the outside it looks like we have double doors. However, only one of the doors is functional and the non functioning door on the inside is covered with drywall. On the outside it looks like we double doors and on the inside it looks like we have a single door. I have yet to run into a neighbor that has a similar situation.

Since our front doors are old and don’t seal well we are looking into replacing them with real double doors. We had debated about doing a single door with a window next to it but once we saw this kit from Crestview Doors we knew this is what we wanted. We have priced it up and are close to pulling the trigger on the project but we are curious what you guys think and if you have any color suggestions. I am posting 3 pics for possible colors but feel free to either mock up your own example or share a color swatch.


Here are two other color options we were thinking about.

Be seeing you.