… but we decided it didn’t quite go.

The in-laws were renovating their den and we saved the fireplace from certain doom. We thought maybe it would look cool in the house.

Here it is sitting in our corner without the stack on it….

Err…. yeah. Not so much. Maybe if the window didn’t end so close to the corner it could have worked out. We kept it up for a few weeks, shifting it here and there. It didn’t even look good enough in any position to warrant more pictures. Finally I couldn’t take the cluttered feel anymore and our poor Preway was relegated to the basement. 

However, all hope is not lost for our sad fireplace. When we finally build a real patio out back I’m thinking something like this:

Not the dress, which is not that exciting, the set-up with the fireplace (and while we’re on the subject of , could someone please buy me this? Thanks in advance) I realize the picture is taken in some kind of sun room but I think the basic idea could certainly work out on a well planned deck situation. That project is slated to start when one of those home shows decides we would look great on TV. Anyone want to nominate us?





Here is a pic I found on my phone of the fireplace right before I took it out of my parents house. I loved the look of it with the brick. – Eric