When we had our home inspection the inspector pointed out that we had a few drainage issues at the back of the house. He didn’t seem overly concerned with it so we didn’t think much about it. Until one day when I happen to go into the crawl space when it was heavily raining outside. Apparently the two large planters in the patio just let all the water collect in them and then drain into our crawl space. 

Unfortunately, our patio is cracked in 4 parts and the two parts against the house are sloped towards the house. This just causes even more water to drain into the planters and then into the crawl space. So work had to be done. The first thing we planned to do was to eliminate the main source of the problem by filling the holes. I have no idea why this was never done in the past since I am sure it has been going on for some time now. So my Dad and I went to Home Depot and optimistically thought 4 bags of concrete would be enough for the job. We were very wrong and ended up having to rush back to the store to buy more bags before the concrete dried. We ended up having to use 5 bags per hole. Mixing that many bags of the concrete in a row sucks. I ended up have to use a hand shovel because my Dad was using my only full sized shovel to dump the concrete into the holes. It was a very long day and was way more work than I thought it would be.

So far filling up the holes has been great. The past few times it has rained I have yet to notice any water in the crawl space. I think we may end up putting a gutter in over the patio area since we plan to remove the patio and build a deck one day.

Be seeing you.