A while back I posted about how I won a contest over on Atomic Indy. Well I got the goodies a while back but I figured the lights looked so good that I needed to repaint the walls. Also, we needed to wire up for a second light since the hallway only had one. Luckily there was a closet right behind where the original light was and that made installing the second light easy. 

So finally the walls are painted and the lights are up. SO IN LOVE! These lights made our boring looking hallway so much cooler. If you are thinking about buying these lights from Rejuvenation please do. I can not say enough good things about these guys and their products.

Oh and I got one other goodie from Rejuvenation but I have yet to install it. Hopefully, I will be posting about that soon. 

Thank you Atomic Indy and Rejuvenation.

This is the only good picture I can get of the lights installed since the hallway is so narrow.