Ever since we moved in, the downstairs of our house has always felt damp and smelled a little funny. Also, the previous owners had dogs so the carpet was kinda gross. We were waiting to remove the carpet until we could afford some hardwood floors but we were tired of the smell. So up came the carpet.

Tearing up the carpet went pretty fast. However, removing the tack strips took some time. We wanted to be careful and not damage the tiles to much since they could possibly contain asbestos. We made sure to wear masks for that process.

Since the tile was in poor shape and was ugly looking we decided to paint the floor. Painting will not only make the floor look better but it will add a little protection and incapsulate the asbestos tile. I know mastic is better for incapsulating but painting is a lot easier and faster. Also, since we plan to put hardwoods in those will also help to incapsulate the tile.