So after aligning all the doors and putting the drawer fronts on we had to find some hardware that we liked. We really wanted the boomerang drawer pulls from Rejuvenation but they were back ordered. We actually waited a month or so to see if more would come in but that didn’t happen. So we opted for our second choice, which was the satin dish knobs with the back plates. We love them!

The next phase of our kitchen refresh consisted of two parts. The first would be a new sink and a garbage disposal.This was a very welcomed addition. The hardest part of this install was the electrical. We were tempted to just put the on/off switch under the counter, but my dad and I were feeling ambitious and decided to mount it in the wall. Since we were running wires through the wall we decided to install another receptacle. We also mounted some under cabinet lighting and yet another receptacle at the end of the counter.

The second part was to install an over the range microwave. Our current microwave took up too much counter space and there was not a great place to put it without the door opening being awkward. Sadly this meant we had to remove the Nutone fan above our range. At first we mounted the microwave without venting it to see how well it would do with just circulating the air. This was a waste of time because you might as well not be using the fan it worked so poorly. So back down the microwave came and we spent 2 days cutting holes and routing new duct work into the existing duct work from the Nutone vent. Sadly once we got everything back together the vent was not lined up right and we had to take the microwave down again. I think we did this 5 or 6 times before we eventually got it right. Now we have tons more counter space and the kitchen looks so much better.

The next part of our kitchen refresh will be a gas range. The current oven works horribly and looks like crap now compared to the fridge and microwave. This is will a big undertaking though since we have to run lines for the gas and we have to cut up the cabinets to get a modern range to fit. We also plan to remove the horrible wood trim along the counter edges since it does not go with our current look. 

Here are a few additional pics of the kitchen that I liked and wanted to share.