I figured since this is a new blog it would be best to give everyone a tour of the house when we purchased it. These are all “before” pictures.

I always wanted a house with lots of windows and now I have it! However, I am sure I will be hating them when winter comes around since they are pretty much just glorified storm windows.

We instantly fell in love with the tongue and groove pine ceilings. Even after a couple of months living here I still find myself sitting around and staring at them in awe.

This is looking in the the dining area from the living room. We have some great furniture since this picture was taken.

As you can see in the picture above, we quickly removed the kitchen cabinet doors. They were original to the house but some things are better left in the past. We just recently finished a big kitchen project and it looks great! I will do a post soon about the joys of our kitchen renovations.

(This is a realtor’s picture. That awesome coffee pot is not ours.)

Here is the downstairs den where we do most of our hanging out.

This fireplace is also in the den. The fireplace is another of our our favorite features. I realized after some poking around the the wall to the left of the fireplace is brick as well and was covered up by the original owner. We are debating about taking the drywall down so the brick will be exposed again. Many changes have been made to this room as well. Stay tuned!